This is open for the sale of Books, Children’s books, Indian Museum publication consisting of Bulletins, Catalogues, Art Albums, Picture Postcards, replicas and photographs.




Sanction for taking photographs is accorded for the visitors with a fees of Rs. 50/- (without stand) and Rs. 100/- (with stand), without any additional lighting, for taking photographs inside the galleries.


Scholars, students and others like high dignitaries, visitors may get photographs approved by the Director, are to be supplied by the photographic unit of the museum on payment.


Mobile conservation laboratory


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Mobile Museum


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Training programme


Three types of training programmes are conducted every year by the Museum under mass education schemes:

(1) In-service museum training course,

(2) Short course in museum studies and

(3) Practical training in museum method for the post-graduate students of the Department of Museology, University of Calcutta. Besides, there is a regular programme of gallery classes for the students to co-relate museum education with school, college and university curricula.


Educational film shows

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Indian Museum library is mainly functioning for promotion of research by its curators and technical persons. But library facilities are also accorded to and for scholars, college and school students by becoming members.


The Indian Museum houses a vast collection of some fifty thousand books and journals along with many rare and unique publications. Books and Journals are available on Museology, Archaeology, Anthropology, Art, Botany, Zoology, Geology, etc. 


Membership Process: A research scholar (Indian and Foreigner) can apply online or in “personal or institutional” letter head addressing ‘To The Director’ stating the need and asking for permission to use the library along with attested photocopy of supporting documents. Furthermore, students (college or school) need to furnish letter of recommendation (in official letter head) from the Head of the Department or Institution.


School students seeking detailed information (regarding historical, archaeological, anthropological, art, museology, etc.) for their project work may approach the librarian or send email on the official mail address of the Indian Museum.


The application (for locals) should be submitted to the Librarian. The Librarian, on behalf of the Director, is also empowered to grant permission for the membership of the Library.Books and Journals are available in reading room only.


Books and Journals are available in reading room only.


Membership Fees: A fee of Rs. 50/-(Rupees fifty only) per year is to be paid as Library Membership fee on getting permission.


Library Hours: The Library remains opened from 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. in the week days except Sundays and second Saturdays of the month and other official holidays.


Temporary exhibitions

Museum organizes temporary exhibitions with the objects in display and in the reserve collection.

Exhibit of the Month


On several festive occasions, selective objects are showcased in the showcase of the “Monthly Exhibit” placed in the entrance lobby of the Indian Museum.


Inter-state exhibition

Inter-state exhibitions are organized to build up cultural contact with different states of India.

Cultural Programme


Museum conducts some cultural programmes in a year,

(i) the Foundation Day celebration in the month of February

(ii) Vasanta Utsav, during the spring and

(iii) Autumn festival during the Durga Puja of Bengal together with other cultural programmes staged in the Asutosh Birth Centenary Hall, Indian Museum and in the central courtyard of the main Museum building.



Museum has recently provided facilities for becoming member of friendsofindianmuseum@gmail.com to be acquainted with the heritage and culture of India and to meet their ancestors, to discover their society and peep into the past. For the members Museum provides special discount on entry fee, museum products, free e-newsletter, information about multicultural activities like exhibitions, seminars, special lectures, workshops, training courses, cultural programmes. For membership museum lovers please write to The Director, Indian Museum at directorindianmuseum@gmail.com

Guide Service

Guide service also available here.